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When the speaker and listener speak different languages , communication is not possible , intervening the barrier of language. The easiest and fastest method to remove such a barrier is to translate the words of interlocutor in real time or with a short pause between communications . This kind of process does not use oral translators but interpreters and it is called interpreting.
We offer three types of interpretation , namely:



Simultaneous Interpreting unfolds in real time, being, in fact, the most common form of interpreting , especially because of time economy.

The interpreter is a person who listens and translates simultaneously, with no time for pauses and this fact limits a lot its duration where he can keep the translation rhythm. Therefore, often simultaneous interpretation is performed by 2 interpreters who set translation shifts to help each other.



Unlike the simultaneous interpreting, consecutive interpreting allows the interpreter to listen speaker's words, and then to restore what it has been said in the desired language, transposes the meaning of spoken words in the target language . The existence of pauses between phrases allows the interpreter to rest his voice and, especially, to make annotations , being easier to reproduce exactly the words of the speaker, this is a very important factor in maintaining the accuracy of the translation.

Consecutive interpreting is ideal for small groups and direct meetings between two people .



Telephone Interpreting or videoconferrences between three persons is a service for those who have contact with various foreign partners through modern means of communication; this thing does not always take place at client and often requires general knowledge of working languages.