The today’s world due to the globalization is looking for foreign partners, import, export, exchange ideas, information. In this situation an authorized translator or an interpret is indispensable when we speak about business.
As our country has a strong relationship with Italia, our clients need Italian-Romanian translation and Romanian- Italian translations for a various range of document types, from standard documents to technical documents, no matter of the activity domain:
  • Italian translation for companies: commercial contracts, labor contracts, accountant documents, the registration company acts, legislation, websites, business correspondence, manuals of use, technical documents and others.
  • Italian translations for individuals: civil status documents, auto documents, employment acts, acts of studies, court ruling acts.
In the case you need we make translations by combining two or more foreign languages ( from Italian into English, from Italian into French, from German into Italian), first the translation will be done  into the state language and after that it will be done into the desired foreign language.
The translations can be given to the client in digital format (pdf, doc,) on the paper with the signature of an authorized translator by the Justice Ministry of Republic of Moldova or it can be authorized by a notary.

You are looking for a translator of Italian language? Do you need a specialized person who will assure the communication between you and your Italian partner?

The experience gained during the time in the simultaneous interpreting domain, consecutive or chochotage for the Italian Language or for translations for local and international companies would permit us to propose you the perfect adapted offer to your requirements.
The services proposed by our bureau are characterized by quality, precision, terminological uniformity and confidentiality.

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