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The present general conditions define the use conditions of the site BirouDeTraduceri.md for the potential visitors or clients.

Accessing and browsing this site you accept in fact the conditions and terms of use described bellow.

2.Accountability disengagement

The content of information refers to the brief description of activities, products and services offered by our translation agency BirouDeTraduceri.md
BirouDeTraduceri.md would not give guarantee referring to:

  • a. The hesitation of arduous use or interruption during the site’s access
  • b. Making troubles to other systems during the site’s access

Thus BirouDeTraduceri.md can’t be responsible for the direct or indirect problems appeared as a result of the site use.

3. The rights for the content of the site

All the information, products and applications from this site belong to Licolin & Co SRL which reserves the right to change the content and structure of the site anytime without preliminary information.

The whole content of the BirouDeTraduceri.md site is protected by the copyright, all the rights being reserved. All the rights referring to the pages, content and presentation of the site is held by the BirouDeTraduceri.md site. It is prohibited the copy, modification, display, distribution, transmission, publishing, commercialization, licensing, creation of derivate materials or the content use of the site for any purpose without written confirmation of the BirouDeTraduceri.md

4. The objective of the site content

The objective of the site content is to provide with actual and exact information. 

BirouDeTraduceri.md can’t guarantee that the existent pages are without errors and assures that it will effort for realizing a correct information and the remediation of the eventual errors.
Any person who want to buy any from the presented services or products on the site is urged to contact BirouDeTraduceri.md by one from the means posted on the CONTACT page from the site, in order to be informed about service availability or products, contract conditions, taxes, tariffs and technic or otherwise information.

5. Personal information

The goal for asking information about you on the present site is for your identification or the possibility to contact you. This thing is necessary in the case of the use application available on the site.

The nature of the required information refers to the personal data (name, address, telephone number) e-mail address, the way in which produces and services of BirouDeTraduceri.md are used or are going to be used, but also it can be required information referring to the use of the required services and products.

In order to satisfy the customer’s needs and visitor’s questions the received information on the site will be stocked and electronically processed.

6. Relationship with other sites

This site can have relations or references with other sites considered by the  BirouDeTraduceri.md very useful regarding the content of its site and which is not under its control or guidance. In the case of use of these relations or references it will be applied the general conditions of use corresponding to those sites.

BirouDeTraduceri.md can’t guarantee or control the actuality/exactness of the presented information on the others sites to which is made reference.

7. Information offered by the site

Any person who visits BirouDeTraduceri.md site and offers data with personal character on this site accepts in an express and unequivocal way the following things: the processing of personal data and information presented to BirouDeTraduceri.md in order to make market studies, the transmission of the promotional materials specific for the market direct operations, realization by the BirouDeTraduceri.md of the personal recruitment operations (see RECRUITMENT page), the satisfaction of the requirements, the appeared questions and complaints(see CONTACT page), other legal actions taken by the BirouDeTraduceri.md that are not the objective of an approval from the receiver.

BirouDeTraduceri.md will keep the confidentiality of these information.

The further use of this site constitute your express and unequivocal accord referring to the processing of your personal data and free circulation of these data.

If you have misunderstandings about your right exercising in using the site and the use protection we urge you contact us on the CONTACT page from the site.

I have read the above mentioned and I agree with the content of these general conditions of use.

Thank you for visiting this page,