Our translation agency offers services of translation from French into Romanian and translations from Romanian into French for a large range of documents, it doesn’t matter the domain and the difficulty degree, in Chisinau and Moldova. We offer qualitative translations at the best prices.
For the individuals we make the French translation of:
  • civil status acts,
  • study documents
Translation from/into French for legal:
  • Company’s documents,
  • Business correspondence,
  • Accountant documents,
  • Commercial contracts
In the case you decided to emigrate to Canada and you need authorized translations, respective legal translations for your documents in French Language or English Language for your file with documents, you may come with confidence to our bureau of translation and you’ll be content of the quality and rapidity of French translation.
What should contain your file?
  • French authorized translation of the original certificate of birth and the marriage certificate
  • Lyceum, University and Master diplomas, transcripts, studies supplements diplomas
  • French translations of the documents that attests your working age, experience and skills in the function you hold, employment record, employment contract, recommendation letters 
The prices offered by our bureau of translation for French translations are from the best on the market and our loyal customers can benefit of an advantageous reduction, quality, precision, terminological uniformity and confidentiality.

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