Our translation agency offers translation services from Russian into Romanian and from Romanian into Russian for a large range of documents, no matter of domain or the difficulty degree, in Chisinau and Moldova. 
Besides the translations we do the notarization of the translated documents and services of document graphical   processing (Desktop, Publishing) which represents the transposition of  the translation in the original format document, so that the final translation to be the same as the received by our team material.
Moreover, as we know that time is very precious for you we can do also and authorized Russian translations and Russian certified translations, fast.


Our bureau of translations offers:
  • Simple texts to be translated into Russian
    Authorized translations in Russian 
    Certified translations in Russian (certified translations from Russian into Romanian and from Romanian into Russian) and interpreting services from/into Russian.

Domains of translations:
  • Acts translation from/into Russian (civil status acts, acts of studies )
  • Russian translation of contracts
  • Russian translation of business letters
  • Russian legal translations
  • Russian medical translations
  • Russian pharmaceutical translations
  • Russian technical translations
  • Russian account translations
  • Russian general translations 
  • Russian Literature translations
  • Russian artistic translations
  • Russian philosophical translations
  • Russian religious translations
  • Russian agricultural translations
  • Russian commercial translations
  • Russian economic translations
  • Russian management translations
  • Russian scientific translations
  • Russian transport translations
  • Russian web sites and software translations
  • Russian IT translations
  • Russian Marketing translations
In the case you require we can translate by combining different foreign languages (translations from Russian into English, translations from Russian into German, translations from French into Russian), firstly the translation will be made into the state language and after that into the desired foreign language.
The translations can be given to the client in a digital format (doc, .pdf) , on the paper with the translator’s signature or stamp that is authorized by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova or it can be notary legalized.

We offer the best translations with the best prices on the market, so you can benefit of terminological quality, precision, uniformity and confidentiality.

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