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Legalized translations (sometimes called "notarized translations") are actually certified translation with notarization. The notary certifies that the signature or stamp of the translator is authentic and that the translator holds a license issued by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Moldova. Authorized translation with legal notarization represents the process of translating and legalization of the document at notary.

Notarization is required only when it comes to the translation of official documents issued by state institutions or other foreign countries:

  • legalized translations of identity documents: ID card, passport, certificate of birth, marriage certificate, death certificate, driving license
  • translation of auto documents: certificates of registration, contract of sale/purchase, vehicle registration document, accounts.
  • legalized translations of legal documents of companies
  • legalized translations of graduation documents: high school diploma, bachelor's degree, master's degree
  • legalized translations of criminal records and tax offence records, invitations abroad, medical certificates, power of attorney
  • legalized translations of documents issued by law courts: adjudgements, citations, decisions, decrees.

Once the authorized translation of your documents is done, if necessary, they can be notarized in order to use them either in the country or abroad. Translated documents are signed and stamped by the translator and by the notary public, who legalizes the signature of authorized translator.

The translation is notarized in two ways:

  • on the original - the translated text is sewn on the translated original document – it becomes an integral part of the document
  • on the copy - the translated text is sewn on the notarized copy of the document - it is a separate part of the document.

According to Moldovian law, if the applicant of notarial act does not possess language State language, the content of notarial act is translated orally by an authorized interpreter.

To support clients, we provide legalization of all documents translated by us, without charging any fee for this particular service (the notary bill is indicated directly on your behalf).

For notarized translations, at the translation price is added the charge for public notary who legalizes the translation.

The customer supports just the honoree of the public notary.

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